Jochem van Tol and Ibelisse Guardia met in Amsterdam and started playing in party bands and experimental sound projects. Soon their common fascination for pop music made them want to focus in TUTHOLA, their new band.
TUTHOLA sounds raw, with pushing bass lines, stubborn  harmonies and contagious melodies.
With magnifying glasses they look and wonder what makes people so mindless and so brilliant at the same time.
Touched by people and their attempt to become better, faster and more remarkable in their given time. Considering the poetry and absurdism of such, TUTHOLA try to exploit that through songs.
Give a moment to reflect and dance, listen and shout!

Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti : vox | wurlitzer | synths
Jochem van Tol : vox | guitars | synths
Harald Austbo : cello
Baz Mattie : drums




Strictly Ballroom

Tous Enfants

Electric Bone